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    Here to Support You We're delivering as usualFree UK Delivery over £50 -Free UK Returns extended to 90 Days - Find out More

    We're delivering as usual Free UK Delivery over £50
    Free UK Returns extended to 90 Days
    Find out More

    Here to Support You We're shipping as usualWorldwide Returns Extended to 90 Days - Find out More

    We're shipping as usual Worldwide Returns Extended to 90 DaysFind out More

    • Brastop affiliate scheme
      Brastop affiliate scheme
    • Brastop Affiliate Program

      Who We are?

      Brastop is the home of D-K cup lingerie and a place where customers come to feel fabulous about their curves.

      We understand that many women out there struggle to find larger cup lingerie that fits well and we have a passionate dedicated team available to help all our customers find that perfect fit. We’re 100% focused on customer happiness, offering amazing discounts, larger cup sizes, gorgeous packaging and fantastic customer service.

      Our passionate dedicated team are available to answer any questions customers might have around styles and fit. Today as always, our number one priority remains the same as when we launched, and that is to make sure each and every customer looks and feels fabulous in their purchase from us.

      Why join our program?

      As well as offering a baseline commission rate of 5%, the program includes a 30 day cookie window. When signing up to our program, we’ll provide everything you will need to promote our site including daily product feeds, a variety of banners and promotions. We’ll also provide you with exclusive offers to help maximise your websites potential. Please, email [email protected] once you have been approved to discuss further.

      How to join us?

      The Brastop program can be found on Rakuten

      Programme details

      • Baseline commission 5%
      • 30 day Cookie
      • Product feeds updated daily

      Approval Guidelines

      We manually approve all affiliates on to our program giving priority to content driven websites. We may decline or delay your application for a variety of reasons including:

      • We were unable to access your website
      • There is inappropriate material on your website
      • We only work with a limited number of coupon code websites and our quota is full

      Please email [email protected]if you require more information or have any questions about the approval process.

      Once approved on to our program we ask that you follow the guidelines listed below. Any publisher who fails to adhere to our guidelines may find they are suspended or removed from our program.

      Paid Search Guideline

      Unless written permission is given to the contrary, the following restrictions relate to paid listings on all search engines and are relevant for all brand terms and variations of brand name:

      • No bidding on brand name
      • No bidding on variation of brand terms
      • No bidding on misspells
      • No displaying Brastop in the display URL or title and ad copy
      • No bidding on generic terms when displaying our brand name or terms
      • No bidding on competitor terms and variations or direct linking to Brastop
      • Advertiser brand terms
      • The search guidelines and restrictions are based on but not limited to the following keywords:
        Brastop, brastop.com

      Cashback, Discount and Voucher Code Sites

      Brastop will only be working with a limited number of Coupon Code sites. We ask these publishers to exclusively use codes acquired through the Rakuten portal and any expired codes are clearly displayed.

    • Curvy Kate Daily Dream Pink

    Can't find what you're after?

    Email or Live Chat
    • Live Chat

      Live Chat

      Live chat is available during our opening hours.

      Phone Us

      Due to current remote working requirements, please contact us via email, live chat or social media.

      General Queries

      [email protected]

      Opening Hours

      Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm

      Closed on all Bank Holidays and weekends.

    • Our Address

      Unit 1 Hawthorn Centre,
      Elmgrove Road
      United Kingdom
      HA1 2RF

      Company Registration Number 04939105


    Returns Policy

    Extended Returns: Here to support you - UK and international returns are now within 90 days of order dispatch.

    Bra Sizes


    Bra / Back Sizes

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